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If you need supplemental oxygen to live comfortably, oxygen qualification testing is an essential part of getting medical coverage. At Florida Lung & Sleep Associates in Lehigh Acres and Fort Myers, Florida, our dedicated team of pulmonary specialists offers on-site oxygen qualification testing to help you get the oxygen you need, when you need it. Call the office nearest you or click the online appointment scheduler to arrange your visit now.

Oxygen Qualification Q & A

What is oxygen qualification testing?

When you have oxygen qualification testing, we evaluate your need for supplemental oxygen in several different ways, which may include pulse oximetry, arterial blood gas testing, and pulmonary function testing. 

Pulse oximetry

A very simple test uses a pulse oximeter, a small device that painlessly clips on your finger. It measures the oxygen saturation in your blood and shows it as a percentage.

Arterial blood gas test

An arterial blood gas test is an extremely accurate way to check your oxygen, carbon dioxide, and acid-base balance. This test can demonstrate the need for supplemental oxygen very clearly since it proves that your body is not able to function efficiently with the oxygen level currently in your blood. 

Pulmonary function testing

Florida Lung & Sleep Associates offers a wide range of pulmonary function testing like spirometry, lung volume testing, diffusion capacity testing, and exercise stress testing. 

In many cases, you have several different tests as part of your oxygen qualification testing. Depending on your symptoms and diagnosis, you could also need tests related to your specific condition – for example, lung cancer staging, to verify how advanced the disease is. 

What are the benefits of oxygen therapy?

When you qualify for oxygen therapy, you can reap the benefits of breathing supplemental oxygen that's delivered into your lungs through mask or nasal cannula. 

Oxygen therapy can decrease your breathlessness, improve your sleep quality, boost your emotional well-being, increase your stamina, and enhance your concentration. If you have a late-stage lung disease, like COPD, oxygen therapy helps prevent heart failure. 

When would I need oxygen qualification testing?

If you have a severe illness that significantly detracts from your ability to breathe, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), you may need supplemental oxygen. 

Whether you need extra oxygen part-time or all the time, insurance providers only cover this expense if you meet certain medical criteria. Oxygen qualification testing can determine whether you meet these criteria. That’s why Florida Lung & Sleep Associates offers on-site oxygen qualification testing to help you get access to the medical supplies you need to stay healthy.

Everyone needs oxygen to live — and oxygen qualification testing at Florida Lung & Sleep Associates can help you get what you need to maximize your quality of life now and in the future. Call the office or book your testing using the online scheduler now.